Amazon Advertising

There are millions of Google users searching keywords like:

Auto Parts on Amazon, Dog Food on Amazon, Diapers on Amazon, Kitchen Set on Amazon, Electronics on Amazon, Gardening Supplies on Amazon, Toys on Amazon, Tools on Amazon…

With Google Ads, Amazon sellers can target those users on sites like YouTube — And drive them directly to their products on Amazon.

As far as ad targeting goes, it doesn't get much better than that. Well-targeted Google PPC Advertising, is just as good as Amazon PPC Advertising, and in some cases, it's even better.

Compared to Amazon, Google is a Giant.

People spend twenty times more time on Google than on Amazon. Spending time between Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Google Display Network (which spans across millions of apps, blogs, and sites).

Cumulatively, Americans spend 60 billion hours a year on Google, while they only spend 3 billion hours a year on Amazon.

Google's sheer size, gives Google advertisers a lot more opportunity to serve ads. And since there's more available ad space, there's less competition between sellers, so Google Advertising can sometimes be a lot cheaper than Amazon Advertising.

If done right, Google Advertising can really help Amazon Sellers push it.

How to Push It Further

Amazon Sellers are welcome to join Amazon's Associates Program and collect additional commissions, on top of their sales revenue. Commissions that can be used to offset Google ad spend, and lower Amazon Seller's overall ACoS (average-cost-of-sale).

1.)Join Amazon's Associates Program

2.)Build Amazon Affiliate Links

3.)Set Affiliate Links as Google Ads Destination URLs

Amazon likes high-converting Google traffic. Not only does Amazon incentivize and reward it with affiliate commissions, but if done right, direct-linking high-converting Google traffic to Amazon products can help Amazon Sellers rank their products higher, and push it even further.

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