Auto Repair Advertising

People are busy. And sometimes they just need to be reminded over and over again to bring their car in.

For instance, If you have an Audi Shop, and you serve your Audi Repair Ads 10-30 times, to all the Google users nearby, who've recently searched for 'Audi Repair'... You're going to see results.

In the US, there are up to 25 million Google users a month searching auto repair-related keywords like:

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And with Google Display Ads, you're able to directly target those users on sites like YouTube. As far as audience targeting goes, it doesn't get much better than that.

Furthermore, If you don't have a website (or if your site needs work), simply direct your traffic to your Google Business Profile. That way, when people click your ad, they'll immediately see your location and reviews. As far as conversion rate goes, if you're nearby and have decent reviews, it doesn't get much better than that.

You really don't need a fancy website or an over-the-top marketing campaign to crush it. With Google, it's easy to drive new customers and reviews.

Google Ads vs Meta Ads

Targeting: It’s like comparing a rifle to a shotgun. Google’s ad targeting is much more accurate, allowing advertisers to specifically target users who’ve Google or YouTube searched certain keywords. Whereas Facebook and Instagram's ad targeting is fairly broad, loosely based on users' social media and web engagement.

Reach: Google's the biggest. Google’s Ad Network already reaches 90% of web users — spanning across millions of apps, blogs, and sites. And with YouTube's growth, Google's ad network is still growing. Meanwhile, Meta's ad network reaches 70% of web users and is currently shrinking. Because younger generations are moving away from Meta, and starting to spend a lot more time on Youtube.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Because Google Ads offers superior targeting and reach, Google often delivers the best bang for your buck.

Google Ad Tips for Auto Repair

  1. Optimize Your Custom Audience Targeting: With Google Display Ads, you're able to specifically target Google or YouTube users who've recently searched for specific auto repair keywords.
  2. Optimize Your Placement Targeting: With Google Display Ads, you're able to specifically place your ads on automotive websites and YouTube channels.
  3. Optimize Your Ads for Mobile: With Google Display Ads, your ads will most likely be served on mobile — So keep them small and simple.
  4. Optimize Your Ad Frequency: Set your ad frequency high. Serve your audience ads 10-30 times.

Free Auto Repair Ad Management

My father owned and operated a repair shop. And during that time I saw him lose a lot of money on poor marketing.

10 years later, I've figured out what works, and now I'm running an ad agency for the little guy. An ad agency for small shops, with small marketing budgets.

For a limited time, I'm setting up really simple Google Display Ad campaigns free of charge (approximately a $250 value).

*Limited to one campaign, per shop, per service area, in the US.

Once I'm provided with your logo and a few shop photos, along with access to your Google Ad account, I can have your campaign set up pretty quickly.

Starting out, I'll set your daily ad budget to $5.00/day. And after 30 days, if you don't see an uptick in business, just go into your Google Ads account and turn off the campaign. No harm, no foul.

But if you do see results, and would like to increase your advertising budget, or run additional campaigns: Google AdWords, Google Maps, Meta — let me know.

If you're interested in taking up the free offer, contact me at


Tahoe Ad Agency Owner 

— Keith Cammell